I begin my day in an “average” mood, never thought that in the middle of the day it can switch to this kind of mood. Not sad, but it made me cry.. It’s not a negative feelings but it just that- it reaches to certain layer within me that made me cry. I realize that at this stage, I really felt the need to share my good energy for people that I actually cared about, despite all the things that once happened along the way.. All this time I believe that if I can keep giving my good energy, compassion, empathy towards certain people who believe that I done them wrong, that somehow I hurt them..I believe they will understand sooner or later- with the help of Time- that it was really a lesson in life. Both for me and all the relationships I’ve ever had with people around me.. And I’ve seen it works today.

Feelings can be so strong, it may blindfolded us to see the way that made for us in the beginning..But that kind of feelings for me is really a tremendous experience in life that help me to grow, help me to see my own darker side and bring it to light, making it a more mature feelings, feelings that have seen a lot. Whether people give me happiness or bitterness or perhaps both, I knew I’ll always feel grateful because they add colours to my day by day lives..

There are certain people that has become my inner circle, that somehow I believe we will always be connected spiritually, and will meet again someday in our life, in a more enlighting moments. For that, I will always think of them dearly, sharing them my good energy simply because they’re one of my inner circle for this moment of life..