Always love Nyepi. Feeling so fresh afterwards. In the day-light, I can do anything I want, enjoy the silence, day-dreaming, meditate- but not so often 😉 – or just enjoy one of those books I haven’t got the chance to finish (although I knew reading books is also can absorb my attention to outer not my inner self).

But the most “fun” thing about Nyepi is because there’s a lot of things to talk about with my family. It’s not only because most people believe in family values, so family does matters- but it’s a personal experience, the talks can be your media to express yourself. Probably in our everyday lives, we can have such an experience when we talked with close friends. But one thing for sure, not everybody can stand their own family, right? On Nyepi we are “forced” to see them, to be surrounded by them because we can’t go anywhere! For some it might be a nightmare, can’t wait the day to be over and get on with the ‘normal’ life- not talk too much with parents, can’t see them often, etc. For me, Nyepi can be fun and fulfilling experience because I can stand my own family 😉

I’ve been through a not so nice moments in the old days with my parents- just like everybody does. When I was a child, I adore my father because he seemed strong, reliable, loving.. and quite an ‘important’ person his social life. But as I grew older and got more to see in life, I knew that I won’t be able to adore him the way I was in my childhood. I understand that he is an ordinary person who have his own problems, anxiety, fears.. At first I felt disappointed (that he’s not that great) but then somehow I can take it.

It’s the chance like Nyepi which made me accept things in my life including my parents, and give them the respect they deserve. They maybe not ‘that perfect’ as parents but the fact that they became my parents in this moment of life, it must be something behind it. Something that I must learn, live with, to comprehend my own life.