Today’s my b’day..So I’m 31 now. Some people just couldn’t or won’t tell their age to others. I wonder why..It just numbers, got nothing to do with one’s maturity as a human being. But most people will think the opposite, that your age determines how well you know yourself, your maturity. Or the simple way to say it, older people knows “more” than the younger one.

My beloved asked me about my b’day wish. I said to him that I wish to be together with him all the way through 🙂 and that is to maintain our togetherness, our own growth. It’s not something romantic, it’s because I know we support each other, a solid teamwork, I guess. I wish that I will know myself better, what I want to achieve in this moment of life. The affirmation, my personal resolution: I will grow, I will do better than today, be a better human being who live her life at the fullest.

I realized that to survive to be myself, I (or everybody) have to have such courage to be different than others. I deny to put myself among the crowds- just to feel ‘secure’ and to be seen as a ‘normal’ person. Everybody is unique, but at a certain point, people seems can’t maintain that uniqueness because they decide to be one of the crowds. Crowd is no different that herds. Everybody’s the same, you can’t tell their uniqueness. To be different, to be yourself is quite spooky, because then you take the risk for others to see YOU, that they might asks you loads of questions and if the answers not satisfying, the next phase is to be judged. Spooky and very tiring if you try to “adjust” things. But if you let them be, only mind your own business, it’s them who will get tired 🙂

A very nice birthday I have this year, coz I can see my life, myself, in a better way, “healthier”. A very happy birthday to ME!