Today is a fine day. Never thought it’s going to be this “OK”. Today his wedding card being ‘launched’. Yesterday he sent me text that he planned to give me the card-personally- but then couldn’t find me. So today is the day, that wedding card finally in my hands. I surprised myself, because I really can see it lightly, all the nice (but a bit too ‘traditional’ for me) pictures. I am so happy to find myself being this calm and positive. It feels like all the weight in my shoulders has just been taken away. Knowing that now he found the life he wished for, it’s so relieving for me. Now he can really moving forward in his own life than being dragged away by the past. I always thanked him for being part of my memories.  In a way, it helped me made a decision to live my life my own way, live only for today. Now and here. So, congratulations, my dear friend, I hope you’ll enjoy the married life!