For as long as I remember, I didn’t have many friends. I picked my friends carefully. I never enjoyed hang out with so many people like many teenagers usually did. I never enjoyed being with so many people talking loudly about almost nothing. It’ll be so tiring for me.

My best friend in every stage of shcool days was never more than 3 people. In high school, I didn’t have any friends that I like to be with (of course I have many on-the-surface-friends but never consider them as my real friend) until I met Dian, a new student. We’re best friends since then.

In university, it happen again 🙂 I picked people who I really like and gladly hang out with them. Most people thought that I’m such a snobbish person, not ‘blending’ myself in the group. What to do, I can’t fake it. It’ll be so tiring for me. I just thought that it’s much better to have 1 bestfriend but we can share many things in life, a relationships that grow, than being with many so-called friends, but we’re never actually share good energy with them.

A text from Elly, told me that she’ll be here soon. I’m glad to hear from her again. She was one of limited people that I consider as ‘my friend’ in those days. But I guess we didn’t have much chance to be closer -I’m not sure why. Maybe because she was so close with my other friend, since they’re from the same area. But what I remember about Elly is that she’s a merry-go-lucky person, fun to be with, and really have ‘character’, not so many people have that, you know. Likes to draw and play guitar very well.

Years went by, and she found me on Friendster. And there it goes, we’re sending text to each other again. Then I found out she likes The Secret and Paulo Coelho, like I do. Now that’s something. I gladly give her The Secret DVD and a book of Paulo Coelho, because I know she won’t waste it. I looked at her blog, get to know her better, and then I knew she’s still quite a character. I imagine I can hanging out with her, have a cup of coffee (or tea because she’s sooo Javanese), have a great talk about life. It’ll be fun, I’m sure.

I believe that people who came to our life, each have their own time. We might lost a friend forever, never see her/ him again in our life. It really doesn’t matter, it’s just a matter of our own path, where it lead us to. If we meet people from our old days, shake hands and welcome them. If it’s time to be parted, shake hands, say thankyou and goodbye. As simple as that. Now I’ll shake hands with Elly, visit each other blogs, maybe..add a comment maybe, anything is possible. Glad to get connected again with you Elly 🙂