Having a dispute with sister is not a comfortable feelings, at all. There’s this feeling to clear things in the way, but the ego is just won’t give up. A simple matter can cause years of ignorance. Time heals, or so they said. Though every relationships has its own ups and downs, sisterhood is something close to women’s being. A sister is a friend for life, source of energy. I want to share the letter I wrote to my sister when we had a big big fight and feeling akwards after that. Thanks God time does heal and most of all, the power of let go is doing a great job (again)..

For a couple of days, I thought about you with sad, anger, and hurt.

But then I dream about you almost everyday, always a nice and fulfilling dream.

By then I realized I missed you so very much.


I wish there’s a ‘logic’ explanation to clear up things about that day.

I never did by purpose have a will to disrespect you.

I never did ever thought to be dishonest to you.

I never did mean to throw harsh words to you.

I know there’s a lot of useless thoughts in me, but to do you harm…never.


I checked on my inbox, hoping there’ll be one of those silly e-mail from you or Bouba.

But didn’t find one.

I try to compose one, but worried I might convey the wrong message.

I rehearse in my head over and over again- the day we will meet again.

But still too worried you might just too upset to see me.


I am sorry to make you upset.

I am sorry for my hysterical behavior.

I am sorry for my harsh words.

I wish I can explain how I’ll never want to disappoint you in anything, in any aspect of my life.


You are my fire-starter, no doubt about it.

I want to spend all those happy and silly moments again, as well as the tough and long discussions when you try to put me back ‘on the right track’.


I feared I might lose this sisterhood.

Who knows I might just a kind of a slow-growth person and can’t catch up with you.

I feared you might just lose your appetite to have me as your little sister.


I know this is office hour and I’m not doing office things, very unprofessional.

I know I strife every word I type, my eyes swollen, I looked very unprofessional also.

But I can’t keep it, I just have to write you this.

As honest and desperate as I am, please be my ‘as usual’ big sister again..