The Supreme Being, The Existence, God..whatever you call it, will never fails us. If only we really open up and listen. Everytime we’re feeling down, the conciousness being dragged down and we’re left being lost in the middle of nowhereland, something somehow comes up and reminds us again. And put us on the right track again, our own each track, whatever it might be.

For the last few days, I felt so low in energy level. You know it happens when things around you and within you are moving so fast but somehow you just can’t catch up. And at the end of the day, you just sit there, hopelessly watching it without having the ‘right’ energy to capture the moments that flashes right before your eyes..

Today I’m being reminded again. 

Do you believe that everybody who comes into our life for a while or for good,  is actually our own private messenger? They support us in a way so that we never lose the track. Today my messenger is one of of my staff. He showed me what to do so that I can understand how to get the videos of Osho. Of course he didn’t have any clue about who is this old guy with massive beard and glamorous appeareance.  But the poin is, he’s been my messenger for today and deserve my deepest gratitude.

Don’t waste people or things that come across your path. They might add up millions of colors into our life and keep us right on our own track..Great reminder does happen through small and simple occasions in daily lives..