I feel so mad today. There’s this BIG headline in today’s newspaper that Bali is Rabies Positive. And the newly elected governor gave instruction to kill ‘wild’ dogs for the sake of tourism, because 4 people already died because of it. I know it looks like a very ‘wise’ decision, to eliminate those wild dogs which highly suspected as the virus carrier. But the decision is so senseless, I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I read through the article. They don’t even bother to check whether the dog is ACTUALLY REALLY infected.

I just so mad and actually extremely sad..everytime I saw the news on TV about this. To see the way they’re being captured with some net, being kicked and thrown to the car to be carried away somewhere (dead or alive I don’t know). Before today, I thought they only captured the dogs, do the blood testing and all..and once they know the test result, then maybe they can start the eliminations of these dogs in certain area which is proven to be infected, so they’re vanished from this island..The rest which are not infected, they’ll be released. But from what I read on the paper, it will be massive killings for these dogs. Even when they belong to somebody..

I just couldn’t take it, my goodness! My Piko is in danger.. How can you tell a dog for not wondering about on the street? We’re talking about BALINESE dogs here! If you have those dogs like rottweiler, golden retriever, whatever-the non-balinese dogs, of course you’ll put them locked, or in a cage. But this is Balinese dogs. You know how the relationships between balinese and their dogs if you spend quite sometime on this island. Dogs here ARE the wonderer! It’s their nature to wonder about, dogs here are so very dog. Can somebody understand this? You can try to ‘civilised’ them a bit, but wondering about is so natural for them, maybe just the same like us human, who sometimes need to wondering about somewhere..in a mall, perhaps. It doesn’t need a certain purpose for doing it, it just to freshen up a bit, have a social life a bit..Have some snacks (dogs: garbage)  What so wrong about it? 

Well of course human don’t bite while wondering about in the shopping mall, but again, we’re talking about dogs here. If they bite, I’m sure they have a strong urge to do it. Maybe they got infected and become mad, biting for no reason, but as far as I know, balinese dogs only bother to bark.The first reaction of a  normal dog when they see us, a stranger, unknown odor for them, they will just bark and bark. Some of them will be quiet after a while, some will just drive you crazy because they won’t stop.But rarely they’ll bite. Unless they actually infected OR there must be something from the victim (of the biting) that send messages to this dog and make them instantly bite the person (for example, dogs know about adrenalin-because then we release some odor to their nose).

I don’t know anything about rabies and I’m truly sorry about those 4 person who died because of it. But is Bali really severely infected by rabies to legitimate all these killings? Don’t we need more research on this matter? At least there should be some kind of system, or maybe some treatment on how to gently handle this situation..

Once I saw one book, the tittle was “Surga Bagi Para Anjing” (The Paradise for Dogs). I don’t know what is all about, but I know for this matter, for these hopeless dogs, the tittle will be “(Bukan lagi) Surga Bagi Para Anjing” (No More Paradise for Dogs).

What can I say..shit happens once a while in life..