Left early from office for the ‘special day’-which finally arrived- to pick up my new passport. Along the way I was pretty sure that I won’t have to wait anymore.

All counters were closed, but I just ask a lady who was behind her computer to take my note of payment. I asked this woman because another younger woman who actually behind the counter herself, seems too busy or too deaf to hear what I said. Or simply because she couldn’t move because of those heavy make-ups all over her face.

Anyway, the older woman- surprisingly- was actually quite helpful, AND with a SMILE on her face. Not a wide smile but enough. Well well..a change of attitude, maybe start to happening here? She asked whether I still want to keep my old passport. I said yes, and she told me that I will need to fulfill a form and a copy of both my old and new passport.

Ok, no problem. Done it, paid another 8000 rupiahs and I finally got it! Felt so relieved, I done it by my own, ‘following THEIR procedures’, although with all the hustle bustle inside the office. For some it maybe just another day-just another-not-so-important piece of paper, for God’s sake- but I felt great anyway. I congratulated my self and thanked him who always willing to spare his time to stand by my side along those boring process Thanks a lot dear..