Arrived at 8 am something.Write my name,got number 5 in the list (not bad..or so I thought). Half an hour later got a call to pay at the cashier.No exact amount was written on the form,hopefully still the same,270.000 rupiahs.Another small card to queue,number 14.Hm.How long this will last..Then we wait again,what a boring chairs and view surrounds me…Lucky me,he’s by my side,so I wasn’t that dead bored. A woman beside me complaining about how slow these people are in handling things.I said the same thing to her,these people are to slow,didn’t understand what make them this slow!Haven’t they eat breakfast yet or what?I remember this woman beside me well,she’s the the same woman I saw last week.She was standing by my side at the counter that time,tried to explain that her name is the real one,never been changed before..Quite a dialogue,that’s why I remember her today. Wait about 15 minutes or so,the cashier called my number.What a surprise,before me was number 8!How come the order changed,from 8 to 14?Didn’t get it.So it’s still 270.000 rupiahs.Ok.Next step was to return the yellow sheet back to the counter,and of course,they told me to wait.This time got no queue number.It made me upset,how then I know when will be my exact turn to be called up?They can easily switched my turn to somebody else’s,right?Almost an hour in vain,finnaly I called up to take my pic.I was so upset,it turned out I looked like a ghost in the pic.So be it..Then another seat at the waiting room,then finnaly the interview..About my name,birthday,address,where will I planned to go..where’s my last visit abroad,etc.Some signatures,and then the guy told me it’s done,told me to be back 4 days later to take my new passport.FOUR days?Another days?OMG.What to do,this is all you got with the slow work system,uneffective flow of bureaucracy..