One day when I went to buy a memory card, I saw a big picture of an Indian couple. I recognize them from some spiritual commune; somebody named ‘Bhagwan…..’ (sorry I forgot). I remember because somebody from that commune came to the office once, quite long time ago. I just couldn’t help to ask the shop assistant about the man on the photo (I just want to make sure that my memory doing well..). And he point to somebody sitting at the corner, who own the photo. I never meant to convey a message that I was being POSITIVE about the photo.. because I’m not! And when I look at the man who own this photo, suddenly I was regretting my asking about that photo to the shop-assistant! This man at the corner have some snobbish look on his face, and a bit cynical (?)..I don’t know the right word, I just regretting that I even BOTHER to comment.

And then when I was waiting for my memory card, he got up approaching the guy who tried to put the photo into a frame, and in a bit harsh words, telling him to do his job right. My goodness. I mean you can tell people in a nice way, right? No need to be THAT upset. It’s just a contradiction to me, you work on this ‘guru’ picture, and looking at the way you behave? SO strange. So ‘unspiritual’ behavior, no? Anyway, I just realized that more and more this kind of ‘guru’ influencing people’s life, selling the ideas about finding the switch of happiness. Why don’t they ‘help’ those in need back home, why bother to already spread the teaching of finding the switch to another part of the world? I can’t put the blame on these spiritual guru, anyway, because people making themselves available to such teachings. People are easily influenced when it comes to the theme of spirituality. Nobody seems to be sure and confidence by just ‘connecting’ themselves to the Supreme Being and the Self within. Why need another guru? And once people follow some guru, why then they always act as somebody superior, better than other person who doesn’t follow anybody? That’s where that snobbish face come from! Everybody need something to believe in, it can be anything or anybody. But then sometimes people become too attached to that something or somebody, by the time each of us should go beyond, not halted in a piece of photo, in a piece of so-called ‘religious’ symbols. Well, with all my respect.. this is just another thought passing by..