I was the youngest in my family. Life back then was quite lonely, with only granny beside me. My siblings went to school and very busy with their own life. My parents, they’re busy at office. So granny was my only companion and I can never thank her enough. Yes of course then I went to school myself, but at home, still I wonder why I feel quite lonely, people was just like a hologram, except granny. I also then got busy with friends and school..but there’s still a hole that still need to be fulfilled.

I never knew the hole finally filled by a dog. His name is Mogi and I quickly learned that he will be my best friend ever. My daily life never be the same since then. He’s very smart, very calm and protective. For a little girl like me, having him to be around somehow make me feel secure, happy and proud, because no friend of mine actually have this amazing dog as their best friend. I’m the lucky one.

He died at the age around 13, quite a long life for a dog. I was a crying bucket, dreaming about him in my sleep, and he still appeared in my dreams sometimes until I went to college. Since then I couldn’t stop my love affair with this precious creature. There are many who come and go after Mogi, and each has their own story, each have melted my heart and be remembered forever.

I believe that we attract the same vibration with those who have the same love affair with dogs. And here I am now, surrounded by friends and family who have their own unique story. I feel the need to share my love affair and theirs, to always be grateful for what they did to my heart.

It is said that it’s not a coincidence that god spelled backward is dog, because dogs demonstrate the closest thing to ”god-love” that humans can experience. I believe this with all my heart.