Out of the blue, he called me on the phone. How long has it been- since the last time we spoke, maybe a year and a half? Probably more though he denied it. To tell you the truth, I’m happy to hear his voice again. The broken English with such a strong Indian accent that makes me unconsciously adjust my accent into his. There’s no awkward moments just because we haven’t get in touch for quite some time, we still have the same quarrel about some things. He still call me with the same nick name that so familiar to my ears.

This is not the first time he’s totally away from any contact whatsoever with me. There is time in a year when he’s completely ‘gone’ from my life. Then he popped up again like he just chat with me yesterday. Mind boggling but that’s the way he is.

He still concerned about my career, did I get promotion at work, did I still enjoy my job..do I make any progress about scholarship applications..things like that. I asked him about his new job, he’s a manager now but not as the way he expected, but there’s family back home that he need to support, so..

I missed my faraway friend. He became my friend since 4 or 5 years ago. We met on a chat room. But let me tell you, that was my first time to finally try, what it feels like to join in a chat room full of strangers. My friends already absorbed with this chat room like a decades ago (lol), they make friends, even dating out as the ‘result’ of having internet relationship with certain people.

I know they’re having fun because I think it wasn’t a risky thing to do, not like today, when we saw news on papers/ TV that somebody’s daughter have been kidnapped or raped by a ‘friend’ that she met on social media. Now it sounds creepy, for sharing your personal details to people that you hardly know. That was now, but then- it’s just for fun.

I felt like in a jungle when entered one of those chat room. Everybody asking the same question about my age, whether am a he/she, where do I live and finally, to let them see my face via webcam. That time I remember keep answering ‘NO’ to whatever their questions were, some people say harsh things because maybe they didn’t get any ‘excitement’ from my side (well of course- I keep saying ‘no’, lol). Like I said, I just want to get the feeling, I know am very late to do this things but anyway..

Just before I got bored and ready to leave the chat room, he appeared and before I knew it, we really had a ‘normal’ conversation! He doesn’t ask me silly questions, he seemed curious about my name, because he thought it’s only for Indians, never thought it also become names in other part of the world.

He’s quite a hilarious person to chat to, with his funny English that I sometimes can’t help myself to make correction out of it. Then we become friends. Sometimes he called me on the phone when he got the chance. He laughed so hard every time I said he got this bollywood voice, maybe he should try to be a movie star back home rather than exploring  a totally different country to make a living, thousand miles away from home. I have to tell you he’s quite a good-looking indian male, but with a bit darker skin than those leading male actors in bollywood movies. He said it’s impossible, because he can’t dance. Lol.

He talked about his home village, his wife, his son..things he missed back home. I must say he’s quite an explorer, to be always away from home, to make a living and to give his family a proper life back home. I feel amazed by how he only came home sometimes once in a year..and his wife, what a patient woman. For sure I can’t be away from my husband..but I know sometimes people have no other choice and just have to move on.

I have nothing to expect from our friendship. Although most of the time I have no idea his whereabouts, I keep sending him my good thoughts, may he always be fine wherever he is, whatever he does. And to accept his out of the blue call on my phone, to ask each others updates, to correct his broken English, telling him to slow down when he’s talking because I can’t understand anything he said..things like that. And I know he knows, this friendship might be always like this until we grow old, never have the chance to meet physically, but we know that we’re a faraway friends, a continent apart, but anyway we still feel that connectedness.

Thank you for adding colors to my colorful life, Manu! May you always be blessed- every seconds of your life..