My mother loves infotainment, she knows exactly what to watch, on which tv channel, at what time. My sister usually making fun of her habit by telling me to ask anything about any celebrities I have in mind, mom will know the answer because she got personal phone calls from them, telling her all the updates in their life, etc. Lol. If you live in Indonesia, you’ll learn fast how this kind of TV shows make lots of people- mostly women, somehow become addicted to it. It’s entertaining, it sure does. It’s basically a TV program about celebrities. Maybe it works like a gossip tabloids, from the simply curious to starstruck, it feeds them daily. Or in TV shows, on hourly basis.

If I come to the house to have a coffee date with my sister, sometimes I arrived just by the time my mom watch this infotainment thing. Poor me, I have no other choice while waiting for my sister to get ready, I sat down with my mom, and wonder to myself, why I need to know whatever things inside the car of this actress, or what kind of hair treatment she does. My mind become occupied by the question why I watch all this.

Then there’s one ‘success’ story of a young boyband, aged around 10 probably, four of them. They become phenomenal and even making their own movie. Their big fans? Young girls, preteens. At such young age, they already become hysterical to see their idols. OMG. I try to reflect it to myself when I was their age, did I become hysterical at someone who considered to be an idol? Don’t think so. But maybe today we live in a completely different world. I do remember going to Saigon Kick concert, when I was 13 or something, having a good time, but that’s it. I actually standing near them when they got onto the bus, going back to their hotel maybe, but I didn’t run to them asking for their famous signature or took pictures with them. I did have a good time to see them on stage, and that’s it.

And all this social media, let’s say facebook and twitter. These young girls proudly claim themselves being a narcist, Making all those silly faces and inviting poses, upload it intensely, without further consideration, even the blurred one can’t escape for being uploaded. Anytime, anywhere, you know the rest. On the surface, they do look like falling in love to themselves. But if you call yourself a narcist, how can you be hysterical to some bloody idol? Become hysterical meaning you’re deeply involved with something-somebody that can make you act out of your ‘normal’ mind. It just didn’t match, for being a narcist and a big fan of somebody else other than yourself. You might ‘like’ them, enjoy their performance and all, but you’ll never become a big big fan if you call yourself a narcist.

Yes we can give a good reasoning that at some point -especially when we were young- we do many silly stupid things that didn’t look right.  But isn’t it also better be at young age we learn something? That it’s better to spend your time doing something more useful than easily getting hysterical over some shallow idols? They too have all the possibility to become somebody which at some point earn their own fame.

Maybe it’s nothing, maybe I’m being overthinking about such simple matter. But still, if I notice one of my close family member acting hysterical like that, you bet I will be that annoying person to keep arguing with them why. Or if it’s one of my niece or nephew, I will give them a lesson. A hard one. Lol