I wonder why people can’t just put on their normal face when taking pictures of themselves. Pre-teens or teenagers stick their tongue out. Or wink all the time. Or both. If it happens once a while, it probably cute whatever, but if in all pictures you used the same tongue-out faces, people like me will get really annoyed. I really want to ask them, ‘what’s wrong with you?’ Or maybe I should ask,’you sure you don’t need a doctor? That tongue might needs to be fixed.’
Another making faces thing that really annoyed me is when people have a habit to put on that duck face. I won’t tell what this duck face is, I bet most of you know about it. So many blog postings about this duck face too anyway. I just want to tell you MY thoughts about duck-faced women (or men). Unless you look breathtakingly charming, a duck face here and there maybe won’t annoyed other people that much. Maybe people like me will find our excuses for you. But if you look ‘average’ (sorry I don’t mean to be harsh, we need to be conciously humble about the way we look) and you keep making that duck face, again I need to ask them, can’t you just smile?  And actually you don’t even need to smile if the energy is right, maybe your eyes that do the smiling part. Things like that. The right aura surrounds you and bingo- no need to smile at all. Maybe. If you already familiar with your own energy.

I have a friend, well not exactly a ‘friend’ but just somebody in my blackberry contacts. She’s actually good looking, she’s a model. Or so she said and the way she poses, very much a model. But she’s a truly duck face makers. Every pose, almost perfect- she knows how to make her body slimmer and all, but then when you look at her face..here we go again with that lips, she’s impersonating a duck. I’m sorry to say, she looks much more silly by making faces like that. I don’t mean to be a judging person, like I said, one or two duck faces out of  20 pictures maybe acceptable. But on each picture, all the time? Oh come on!

I don’t have a clue why people making faces..maybe trying to look cute? Adorable? Or just simply a habit?  They look much better without trying to look like a duck. No offense to ducks. I love Donald since I was a little girl. But let’s just keep the duck-face thing to the ducks. You’ll never be as cute as a duck than the duck. Got it?