Rumors are carried by haters/ spread by fools/ and accepted by idiots.

A lot of time I find myself amazed by how ‘creative’ people can be when related to other people’s life. They suddenly become an expert. You need certain amount of energy to commit to be nosey. You need all updates from any possible sources, of those people that you set your nose on. If you can’t find any other ‘reliable’ sources, then you need to know from the person him/herself. How? By carefully ask certain questions, and based on their honest answers, you then have your own ingredients to mix it up with your own perception, expectation, judgments, etc..and voila! A whole brand new side of the story. And just as exciting as Archimedes were, you will feel obliged to tell the world about it. You then congratulate yourself, thinking to yourself, what an achievement! You enjoy people’s reactions when they heard your (version of) story. The gasps, the wide open eyes, the confused look, disbelief..oh you do enjoy it all!

And how come I recognize nosey characters like this? Because I’ve been surrounded by them for the last 3 years or so. I read patterns, and I know. I learned by observing their cunning movements. At first I was easily get upset by their false way to see things about me or my family and felt the need to explain how it really happen or how things really are. But then after some time (because am such a fast learner) I know it’s useless. No need to explain, it will only wasting my energy because people like this, see things the way they wanted to see. So I simply wait. It just like reading a cheap tabloid, you know. Every so-called “hot news” is entertaining because if you’re an intelligent reader, you know how ridiculous it is. Not to mention if you know how these people live their life.. it become more and more ridiculous. There are many days when I have a nice chat with my husband before we go to bed, and start to giggling about certain ‘hot news’ being spread. Most of the times we’re laughing it out loud, giggling is just not enough for such a hot news. Giggling is a small appreciation, and laughing out loud is a big one. No?

Sometimes it becomes nasty. You know when people have a severe nosey illness, they tends to take things seriously. By saying ‘seriously’, I mean their negativity grows. It’s not enough to be just a hot news on a cheap tabloid, they’re getting nasty by making a movement. An underground movement. Or so they thought they were doing. To me, underground or upper ground, I see it. I am not a psychic, but when you read patterns carefully, intuitively you know what are their next possible move. Not to mention you have to know quite a lot about psychology. The reason why people feeling comfortable within a crowd, is because they’re feeling secure, they thought they’re part of the majority, so that whatever the majority assume, it must be right. Sometimes they creating a simple plot to alienate the targets. They thought by doing it, the person will feel estranged, ignored, being left alone, and finally surrender to follow the crowd. Oh how often I notice such simple plot being created here and there surrounds me. What they don’t know, I can stand to be alone for as long as it needed. I always enjoy my aloneness within the crowd (sometimes you can’t avoid family gathering) and even felt better afterwards! I felt more amused because I know how their anxiety grows to see how content I am in such a negative conditioning. If it didn’t work, they might start to actually talk nicely but a bit sense of cynical way to express it. My replies, you bet it always, I mean always, a pure and carefully selected slap on their face. What to do, they’re ask for it. I don’t care whether they will hate me more or will be enlightened on the spot, it won’t add any value to my life anyway. The way they live their life is really none of my business.

I do have my own way to express my ‘frustration’ dealing with such nosey people around me: social media and blogging. To my surprise, certain friend who got nothing to do with whatever I post on social media, got very annoyed by my status, decided that I addressed that to her, felt very angry to me and deleted me as her contact. I was just so speechless. Apparently there are too many people in this world waiting to be offended by something. Anyway.. that too, is none of my business.

There are a few characters stand out in this illness. I have to admit their persistence to be nosey amazed me.  There’s always a new way, a new story, a new ‘analysis’ about our life being spread into the crowds. The most annoying character of all is the spoiled brat who thinks she’s so goddamn rebellious and such a one of a kind.. a miss-knows-it-all. But I can’t really blame her, by looking at the small world she’s live in. Of course she thought have seen it all.

From the bottom of my heart, I hope this nosey group one day realizes how much energy they’ve been wasted for something, somebody outside themselves. It’s really a sad thing to rule out your own life and be very busy with others’ life. They keep avoiding their own home works, their own problems and keep entertaining themselves that other people lead a troubled life. But Universe doesn’t work that way. One day they will be forced to face their own problems (I guess it’ll be loads of problems because they’re pending it for too long) and when that time comes, they wish they have more time. Don’t you remember, you gave YOUR time to ME before. Meanwhile, I will just let you enjoy your tiny ‘achievements’ and I hope you do realize, in every moment of life, only Time will tell and you may hear a small voice at the back of your head saying, “I saw it.” You know who that is? It’s Karma.