Orang memanfaatkan media sosial dengan cara yang berbeda. Selain sarana utk posting informasi, biasanya yang jg mencuat di permukaan adalah seputar narsisme dan kegalauan. Jenis-jenis foto yang di-upload juga berbeda tergantung minat masing2 org. Saya sering meng-upload foto anjing2 saya. Org lain mengupload kucing dan sebagian lg sering meng-upload foto anaknya, atau dirinya sendiri- sama2 berbagai pose. Ada yg pernah protes ke saya, “kok upload foto anjing melulu sih?”.. I’m speechless. Apakah saya pernah protes kalo ybs meng-upload foto anaknya, bahkan foto yg blur sekalipun? Saya cuma senyum2 aja- don’t know what to say.

Tdk semua “teman” di fb sy adalah teman dlm arti sebenarnya. I rarely add people, biasanya lebih pada apakah saya akan confirm request tertentu atau tidak. And then you may ask me, peng-update status macam apa saya ini. Well, tidak ada standar tertentu. I say what I think- what I feel. Let’s say I enjoy hilarious sarcasm, I don’t intend to present myself (in social media) as a’good girl’. I don’t think am facebooking my problems a lot, but if I did, so what? At least am being honest, gak selalu buat status berbunga-bunga..bijaksana bijaksini. Nothing wrong jg dg status uplifting, encouraging, enlightening dll.Sy jg suka re-post yg motivating macam itu klo kebetulan nemu yg bagus. Gak usah menilai dari porsi status ‘positif’ dan ‘negatif’ segitunya. Hidup itu abu2 kale, bukan hitam atau putih.

I mean what’s the goddam big deal? People make status updates,upload photos, make comments, posing disagreements etc. as they wish. As they wish. ย And why take it so seriously? Social media is just another tools to express whatsoever you got in you. And by the way, apakah kita tau apa rangkaian proses yg terjadi sebelum status update itu dibuat? Apakah kita ada disekitar org yg membuat status tersebut shg merasa yakin itu ditujukan kekita, personally? Apakah kita sedemikian cinta diri sehingga menganggap org lain punya waktu utk memikirkan kita- boro2 bikin status khusus (limited edition) to make you (only you) feel down or annoyed?

This is just mindboggling. I do have problems once awhile in my daily life. I’ve removed people from my contacts in fb sometimes..It could be because I hardly know the person, a religious freak, atau para pedagang online.I got nothing to lose, they’re not really adding any value to my life. Unless you’re in the middle of a dispute or conflict situation with certain people, THEN you MAYBE can assume that certain status updates are DEDICATED to you. If out of the blue you accused people making you down or you feel annoyed by their status updates, it’s just mindboggling for me. I mean why you’re so confident that your problems are worth to be in the spotlight? Worth to discussed? Do you think people- especially people like me, who just don’t give a damn about other people’s business, will have spare time to “creating a plot” via facebook? Oh come on!

Some people really get me on my nerve, true. And I express my feelings via socmed, so whaaat? I’m not trying to impress anybody by saying only good things. And by theway- it has nothing to do whatsoever with you. Then out of the blue, people just snapped because of something who got nothing to do with him or her. Am just speechless.

Live lightly, lebih seringlah menghembuskan nafas to release. Permasalahan yg sebenarnya- that you have to deal with- bukan bersumber dari facebook. If you mad with somebody, arahkan dg tepat, wisely use your energy to deal with them- the real people who messed up your life. Punch them on the nose if that will make you feel better. Give yourself time to forgive them, to forgive yourself etc etc. Take your time, have time to just sit and listen to your inner voices, not other people’s “voices” on social media for God’s sake.

I do have certain people that I would really like to punch orslap, but I have done my part to get the real problem solved. So I think socmed should be used as a complementary tools to express your feelings but at the same time, you ARE dealing and solving the real problem, those things outside facebook!

I really don’t mind more and more people remove me as their contact. My life is fine before and after they removed themselves anyway. Life is always fine, did I ever crying for help to them? No. Will my life get worse after the removal? No I don’t think so. Will I be losing most of my contacts because of this? Maybe, but I’m a loner anyway, a solitaire who really valued my time being alone, doing my own things tanpa kehadiran kerumunan org lalulalang around me.. So it’ll hardly have a significant impact in my daily life.

I cant help wondering to myself, though, why a so-far-so-good relationships can turn into a turmoil? (Well I’m the last person to know that it already changing terms..so WHO turning it into a turmoil?) Last year in my personal life, I’ve learned that we can try communicating disagreement- if there’s any. But at the same year also I’ve learned that some people with a massive misleading ego, won’t allow themselves to be available in a two way communication model. They just shut themselves, not even a sariwangi tea (mari nge-teh mari bicara) will work on it. Lol

Shit happens, but life won’t wait. So, I will just buckle-up..turn my faceto the sun, leaving the shadows fall behind me..and rrriiiddeee ooon ! *wink